Systematic Abstraction

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My new blog is here.

About anything.

With software.


The Rest of It

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Every day I read. Often I see something which makes me want to respond, to use the Press This bookmarklet at the top of my page. I am going to create a new blog, for everything else, for the rest of it, for replies, for analysis, for rants.

I could just post them here. But I don’t want this blog or it’s RSS feeds to be filled with things you don’t want. This blog will not become half-good, half-junk.

For this to happen, I just need one thing.

A name.

Coming soon.

It’s here.

RuneScape Suggestions Forum

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The official Suggestions forum is getting replaced, and there isn’t any information about the Asterisk Sticky – which is what both of my current suggestions are in. If I have to change any of the links, I will keep the old links and add the new ones beneath them.

Next Write-up: Player Mounts

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My next project will be Player Mounts, so if anyone has any ideas for Mounts, please say so in the comments.

It will take the form of a new skill, and some summoning familiars can be mounted.

Update: Player Mounts is online!

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