RuneScape – Player Mounts

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Note on format: The speed of a mount is a percentage of standard run/walk speed. So a creature with a run speed of 200% can run twice as fast as unmounted players.

Player Mounts, Riding, call it what you will. The ability for players to sit on another creature and let it do all the work. This is a members-only skill.

Some creatures may fight for you. Many will fight back, or throw you off. But the more experience you get, the more likely you are to get a free ride (like pickpocketing). If a creature throws you off, it’s melee stats determine the amount of damage done. Getting thrown off will result in many creatures attacking you.

You get most of the experience from a successful mount. Afterwards, you get one experience point every x squares travelled. When fighting on a mount, experience is gained significantly faster than when simply riding, making it a viable training method. You also gain experience for other skill requirements: ⅕ of the required level when mounting. For example, a level 90 Summoning requirement would get you 18 Summoning experience.

You can also fall off some creatures while riding them if you’re not using proper equipment. Running (or galloping, or cantering, or whatever) makes it considerably more likely that you’ll fall off.

Agility, Strength and Summoning are closely tied in with this skill. They are required for the initial mounting. Mounting a creature also drains some of your run energy – about 5-10%. The Agility and Mounting levels are the ones which affect the chance of a successful mount. The required levels give you a 90% chance of success each, so both together give an 81% chance of success. (90% × 90% = 81%.) When you get 15% higher than the required level, you have a 100% chance of success.

Aggressive creatures are particularly difficult to mount – and may require a high Hunter level. Continue Reading RuneScape – Player Mounts…


Systematic Abstraction

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My new blog is here.

About anything.

With software.

The Rest of It

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Every day I read. Often I see something which makes me want to respond, to use the Press This bookmarklet at the top of my page. I am going to create a new blog, for everything else, for the rest of it, for replies, for analysis, for rants.

I could just post them here. But I don’t want this blog or it’s RSS feeds to be filled with things you don’t want. This blog will not become half-good, half-junk.

For this to happen, I just need one thing.

A name.

Coming soon.

It’s here.

RuneScape Suggestions Forum

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The official Suggestions forum is getting replaced, and there isn’t any information about the Asterisk Sticky – which is what both of my current suggestions are in. If I have to change any of the links, I will keep the old links and add the new ones beneath them.

Next Write-up: Player Mounts

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My next project will be Player Mounts, so if anyone has any ideas for Mounts, please say so in the comments.

It will take the form of a new skill, and some summoning familiars can be mounted.

Update: Player Mounts is online!

Races for RuneScape

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Races is the term for the ability for players to be a variety of species in-game. There are advantages and disadvantages to this concept. For example, it adds a huge amount of potential to RuneScape while complicating future updates.

Races are a popular idea that could add great value to RuneScape. Correctly implemented, it could be one of the greatest updates since RuneScape 2. Bear in mind that no implementation will be perfect for everyone, but it could get somewhere close to that.

For example, a player could choose to be human, dwarf, elf, or several other species, though they would still be basically humanoid.

Continue Reading Races for RuneScape…

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